Most smartphone users take their device Gallery for granted; not understanding how its functions help in managing their photos, photo apps and filters. Basic to all camera phone manufacturers is the Photo Gallery. What it includes depends on manufacturer preferences ( see: usually, based on the needs of target consumers. Yet the greater market for midrange smartphones is the sector that considers taking share-worthy selfies as the most satisfying experience. In social media platforms, Likes, Comments, Hearts, Followers and Subscribers, or even just getting their photos viewed can be heartwarming enough.

Allow us to cite the Tecno Camon 17 Pro as an example. As a midrange device it made a difference by coming out with AI Gallery, which immediately impressed the growing midrange market in India and other nearby countries.
A Tecno Camon 17 Pro runs on Tecno’s home grown operating system called HiOS. The AI Gallery is actually a customized gallery of amazing photos taken offline or shared through other social media apps. Having this kind of Gallery functionality lets a Camon 17 Pro user go hands-free in collecting and managing a myriad of photos coming from different sources.

AI Gallery Functions and Segments

Tecno’s AI Gallery establishes pictures and videos in a file management system called The
Digital Camera Images (DCIM). The latter compiles photos and videos according to dates, location as well as identifying the device that captured the images. Viewing all is easy as every item is a tile icon that can be scrolled vertically.

Tecno AI Gallery Album

The Tecno AI Gallery also has the Album segment, which functions differently from the DCIM. Users can present pictures and videos in different kinds of categories, identified as albums. It’s more comprehensive since albums may include those stored on a memory card if any.
This is a category that deals with the maintenance of the AI Gallery. In this category, there are some functions that help in managing the gallery.

Tecno AI Gallery CLEAN

The AI Gallery has a CLEAN function, a motion of reviewing media files. What it does is weed out thumbnails that are only cluttering and eating up system files and spaces.

The What’sApp Connection

WhatsApp is a messaging app similar to Facebook’s messenger. Interacting with friends, associates or even employees via What’sApp is a different experience, as any selfies shared or documents presented as images are automatically sent to the Tecno AI Gallery of a recognized and authorized What’sApp user.

Let’s Talk About Tecno Camon 17 Pro and Its AI Gallery

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