Myra Labs

Myra Labs offers a machine learning platform that learns while interacting with every new customer. We provide an AI customer relation tool that helps you manage your queries with ease and solve problems without the need for manpower.


We Don't Want Your Customers To Wait Another Second For Help

Our online customer relation AI is beneficial for all small businesses who have a hard time managing their customer feedbacks. Our tool can create the best means to sort your queries and find quick solutions for your customers.

Our Services

Self-Service Reimagined

Powered by deep learning, the Myra platform helps resolve up to 40% of your customer contacts.

Resolve Repetitive Tickets

Make quick updates on your tickets with a well-programmed AI that is built to solve queries.

Available 24/7

Stay available to your customers at all times. Deal with multiple customers at the same time without needing any manual help.

Precise Analytics

Receive regular analytics from our tool to identify how your customer support has performed in the past month.

We're Re-Inventing How Consumers Businesses Interact At Scale


World-Leading Understanding Of Language Driven By Deep Learning


Sign in to check the source code for our program and help us improve our tool.


We provide a quick customer support tool for big and small businesses to make customer interaction easier.


We want to develop our machine learning to make it responsive and understanding while dealing with your customers.


We aim to create AI-supported customer support that small businesses can purchase easily, allowing them to invest better.

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Businesses usually have a couple of years of steady growth, and then, they see a constant dip in customer satisfaction. This is something that definitely concerns them, and they get really worried about it.
If you want to investigate such behaviours that are being witnessed in your company, you will have to make sure that the customers are always taken care of. It happens because of unhappy customers. Customers usually have to wait a couple of days for responses, and they keep voicing their concerns with the help of social media. When you don’t have decent customer service, you start seeing this particular dip in customer satisfaction.

1. Firstly, virtual assistants are always good for automated customer service. They are very common, and they are usually in the form of chatbots. Digital assistants are actually making headlines with a lot of companies nowadays. Virtual assistants have been known to help with a [….]