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Myra Labs offers a machine learning platform that learns while interacting with every new customer. We provide an AI customer relation tool that helps you manage your queries with ease and solve problems without the need for manpower.


We Don't Want Your Customers To Wait Another Second For Help

Our online customer relation AI is beneficial for all small businesses who have a hard time managing their customer feedbacks. Our tool can create the best means to sort your queries and find quick solutions for your customers.

Our Services

Self-Service Reimagined

Powered by deep learning, the Myra platform helps resolve up to 40% of your customer contacts.

Resolve Repetitive Tickets

Make quick updates on your tickets with a well-programmed AI that is built to solve queries.

Available 24/7

Stay available to your customers at all times. Deal with multiple customers at the same time without needing any manual help.

Precise Analytics

Receive regular analytics from our tool to identify how your customer support has performed in the past month.

We're Re-Inventing How Consumers Businesses Interact At Scale


World-Leading Understanding Of Language Driven By Deep Learning


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We provide a quick customer support tool for big and small businesses to make customer interaction easier.


We want to develop our machine learning to make it responsive and understanding while dealing with your customers.


We aim to create AI-supported customer support that small businesses can purchase easily, allowing them to invest better.

Latest From Our Blog

Load Management Programs – Automating Load Shedding Systems

Load shedding refers to a technique that enables a system to provide nominal capacity by setting a schedule in which customer requests are temporarily ignored. The technique is widely in use in South Africa, where power plants across the country still need to ensure the availability of electricity. Apparently, there is a threshold to observe, a predetermined “safe” level of consumption. The purpose of which is to avoid overwhelming a power-generating system with demands that go beyond a plant’s capacity to produce electricity.

To improve efficiency, power plants have to have a program of instructions for controlling power shedding and loading operations. Having a program in place allows utility companies to carry out load shedding activities in multiple instances during peak periods.

How Does a Load Management Program Work as Tool for Load Shedding?

The load management program works to eliminate the manual [….]

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT Support

In the past, the world of IT support was mostly composed of human agents who provided technical assistance to customers through phone calls, emails, or chatbots. However, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the landscape of IT support has changed significantly. AI has brought new opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to provide top-notch customer service to their clients. This article will explore the impact of AI on IT support and how businesses can leverage its potential to provide better customer experiences (source:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT Support

  • Explanation of AI in IT support
  • Importance of AI in IT support
  • Evolution of AI in IT support

As businesses continue to adopt AI technologies, it has become increasingly common to see AI-based tools, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and other automated systems, handle IT support tasks. AI in IT support is becoming the [….]

Let’s Talk About Tecno Camon 17 Pro and Its AI Gallery


Android Smartphone

Most smartphone users take their device’s gallery for granted, not understanding how its functions help in managing their photos, photo apps, and filters. The photo gallery is basic to all camera phone manufacturers, and what it includes depends on manufacturer preferences, usually based on the needs of target consumers. Yet, the greater market for mid-range smartphones is the sector that considers taking share-worthy selfies as the most satisfying experience. On social media platforms, likes, comments, hearts, followers, and subscribers, or even just getting their photos viewed, can be heartwarming enough.

Allow us to cite the Tecno Camon 17 Pro as an example. As a mid-range device, it made a difference by coming out with an AI Gallery, which immediately impressed the growing mid-range market in India and other nearby countries. A Tecno Camon 17 Pro runs on Tecno’s homegrown operating system [….]

Why Does Company Need Good Management Software


The importance of new technologies and their growing presence in all areas of life makes good management software necessary to help you manage your company effectively. Thus, you can achieve competitive advantages within the market. The management of a company is the most important part that is developed in it.

Reducing expenses and increasing sales are priorities in business as well as other companies. For this, it is essential to have the right tools to win new customers and expand into new markets. A good management software or ERP is the solution.

Main advantages provided by management software

It facilitates the handling of information in an accurate and timely manner

It allows you to know in a simple way the balance sheet of the company, the income statement, as well as the cash flow statement of each client. With business management software you have the possibility [….]

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now not only in people’s heads but also in businesses. Since the early 2010s, AI research has been booming, thanks to companies such as Facebook, Google, and others. Intelligent systems are already influencing people’s lives, such as intelligent smartphone cameras, face recognition, and self-driving cars. Despite its ubiquity, AI struggles with image problems due to numerous myths about the ethics, trustworthiness, and sustainability of technologies.

Artificial intelligence is now essential for successful modern business models. It has proven its value in many companies. It is important to see the step towards AI as a means of inspiration that creates innovations, and facilitates cooperation, and not as a threat.

More efficient business processes – design operational processes with AI

AI can make various business processes more efficient by introducing it. Provisioning systems that have already been automated can be taken to a new [….]

Some Very Powerful AI Tools You Can Use To Upgrade The Customer Experience

Customer Support

Businesses usually experience a couple of years of steady growth and then see a constant dip in customer satisfaction. This is something that concerns them, and they get worried about it. If you want to investigate such behaviors witnessed in your company, you must make sure that customers are always taken care of. Unhappy customers cause this dip in customer satisfaction. Customers usually have to wait a couple of days for responses, and they voice their concerns with the help of social media. When you don’t have decent customer service, you start seeing this particular dip in customer satisfaction.

1. Firstly, virtual assistants are good for automated customer service. They are common and usually come in the form of chatbots. Digital assistants are making headlines with many companies nowadays. Virtual assistants help with any queries, including simple and complex problems. Many companies [….]