Artificial intelligence (AI) is now not only in people’s heads but also in businesses. Since the early 2010s, AI research has been booming, thanks to companies such as Facebook, Google, and others. Intelligent systems are already influencing people’s lives, such as intelligent smartphone cameras, face recognition, and self-driving cars. Despite its ubiquity, AI struggles with image problems due to numerous myths about the ethics, trustworthiness, and sustainability of technologies.

Artificial intelligence is now essential for successful modern business models. It has proven its value in many companies. It is important to see the step towards AI as a means of inspiration that creates innovations, and facilitates cooperation, and not as a threat.

More efficient business processes – design operational processes with AI

AI can make various business processes more efficient by introducing it. Provisioning systems that have already been automated can be taken to a new level by AI. For example, AI systems can precisely derive future shopping behavior from the analysis of ordering behavior and learn at what times customers deviate from their typical behavior.

By predicting the probability of occurrence, the entire intralogistics process chain can be optimized, leading to faster shipping processes. This brings great customer benefits with developments such as same-day delivery.

Insight engines make information usable

Probably the greatest power of artificial intelligence lies in its ability to deal with unstructured data. Real-time data and insights from the company itself, its environment, and customer contact provide a better basis for decision-making than ever before. A so-called AI insight engine brings together data from a wide variety of sources, categorizing them and presenting them in natural language. Ultimately, this means that IT resources can be dynamically scaled according to their current needs, leading to cost savings and valuable time for IT staff.

Customer expectations have continued to rise in recent years, with speed and convenience being the top expectations for service. Communication via preferred channels and more trust in support are also advances made by AI. In addition to the service and the product itself, customer relationships are becoming the key success factor for companies. Artificial intelligence is also finding its way into CRM systems, where it leads to more detailed analysis methods and targeted customer contact, resulting in better customer relationships.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For Business

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