tiktok logoBuy 1000 TikTok Followers if you really feel you aren’t making headway in the social media platform despite all the time and effort you spend crafting video content. All TikTok videos are deserving of audience attention, which is why the people behind TikTok are providing users with different tools that they can use.


TikTok’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

The latest tool introduced by TikTok last September 19, 2023, as an addition to the Artificial Intelligence or AI filters TikTok users access to create altered or enhanced images and audios. This time, the new AI has the functions of a voice-cloning application that mimics the tone and vocal characteristics of a famous celebrity like Taylor Swift.

Proper Labelling of AI-Generated Video Content

Artificial IntelligenceSince the AI’s launch in September, AI-filtered video clips have spread like wildfire across the TikTok network, giving users the most satisfying user-experience ever. However, it’s a must for users to add the text AI in the title of the video, to clearly indicate that the creation of the content and/or effects made use of an AI filter.

It’s important to let viewers know they are looking at physically-enhanced images and AI-generated audio.

Anyway, to ensure compliance with this guideline, TikTok’s AI tools will put out a prompt requiring users to activate the AI labelling feature. Actually, the company intends to automatically label as such every content that has been AI-generated. The important thing is for viewers to immediately know that the videos and images they are viewing were crafted with the help of AI.

While the AI label indicator appears below the TikTok user’s name , the reminder comes with a warning that failure to disclose use of AI will lead to the removal of the content.

Servers Overwhelmed by Demand for AI Use

TikTok content creators who encounter difficulty in accessing the AI should try to determine the best day and best time of the day to use the tool. As it is , the servers of the TikTok platform have been overwhelmed and overloaded by the number of TikTok users trying to access the AI tool all at the same time.

How to Access and Use the TikTok AI Voice Generator

In such cases, the servers are constrained to notify users that the AI is currently busy and unable to process requests.
Users who are interested in utilizing the TikTok voice generator can access the tool online via a web browser.

Simply write in the text box, the text that the AI-generated voice will read.

Choose the voice you want to use from the choices listed in the drop-down menu.

Tap the “generate” button and play back the AI recording.

Click on the three-dot image to download the AI voice recording.

Exploring the AI-Tools TikTok Provides Users

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